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greatest boxers of all time matt

For me it would have to be from the time of Eder Jofre to the end of Lupe Pintor, when the division had to compete with super flyweight and super bantamweight which I feel has watered down many divisions, especially flyweight with its two weight classes now below it. There is certainly a well sourced story that Zivic had a piece of Burley. In many ways Sullivan was O’Brien’s direct peer; clever, quick, cerebral and trapped between weights. He also held the super featherweight title. The fight fan has no everlasting relationship with their beloved Liverpool FC or Boston Red Sox. 11 Comments. Updated December 16, 2020. With only one loss in his professional career, Gene Tunney was one of the most efficient fighters of all-time. Armstrong faced 17 world champions throughout his career, and he defeated 15 of them. Here he … Sugar Ray Robinson: Welterweight, middleweight; ring career 1940-65; record 175-19-6-2 (109 KOs) 2. In fact, many of his fights set financial and attendance records. His defenses came against Jersey Joe Walcott, Roland La Starza, Ezzard Charles (twice), Don Cockell, and Archie Moore. If we feel comments are offensive, the post will be deleted and continuing offenders will be blocked from the site. It can be argued quite convincingly that Fritzie Zivic met the best array of fighters out of anyone on the entire list. For example, Joe Frazier, among the 10 best heavies of all time, is only 92nd on your list of 100 best pound-for-pounders? He won the gold honor at the 1960 Rome Olympics in the Light Heavyweight class. Boxing news about The 100 Greatest Fighters of All Time Part Ten: 10-1 by Matt McGrain at 1 FLOYD MAYWEATHER ‘MONEY’ held multiple world titles in five weight classes and is not only regarded as one of the greatest defensive boxers ever but the most accurate. He beat Frazier; he beat Norton. But when he became Welterweight champion, did he not buy Burley’s contract so that he would not have to defend his title against him? Here's the 2007 roster starting at the top, with weight classes, years competing, and records: 1. Zivic ducked no one. In boxing, the case is no different. Later that fight, however, Johnson knocked Ketchel out cold. Foreman’s was not the first name to be penciled in at #100. Nicknamed “The Michigan Assasin,” Stanley Ketchel is one of the biggest what if’s in boxing history. He hit the ground running and by 17-0 had dispatched top names Oscar Bonavena, Eddie Machen, Doug Jones and George Chuvalo. Frazier did well as a heavyweight, trust me. BN Staff. I think part 2 has more potential to “spark debate” than part 1. Muhammad Ali: Heavyweight; ring career 1960-81; record 56-5 (37 KOs) 3. The Panamanian held world championships in four different weight classes: lightweight, welterweight, light middleweight, and middleweight. You have yourself 100 fighters. And there are the fights being fought yesterday. The legendary Kid Chocolate did not make the list. He holds the world record for the number of title matches fought in a career with 37, 18 of which ended in no decisions. Gregorio Peralta hinted at it when he became the first man to win a meaningful number of rounds against Foreman whilst extending him the distance in 1970 and Muhammad Ali’s extraordinary defeat of Foreman in 1974 perhaps confirmed it. I am not conflicted on either of these issues. Aside from the outstanding achievement of beating his immediate successor as the world’s best heavyweight, Lewis beat every man he ever faced as a professional. O’Brien’s clear superiority to him indicates the quality of fighter he was. Ross went on to become a decorated veteran of World War II. He will always be remembered as one of the bravest boxers in history. Percy Bassett, 64-12-1 4) Did I benchmark? In January 1925, Walker became the lightest man to ever challenge for the light heavyweight title. Jack O’Brien is one of the few fighters in history to have an attempted fix completely exposed; his involvement in the conspiracy surrounding his 1906 fight with Tommy Burns creating quite the stink. Of all the boxers to step into the ring, these are our picks for the greatest of all time. I promise, however, to keep an open mind as your list progresses. Though he loss, Ross ended the fight on his feet. Muhammad Ali is regarded by pundits and some boxing fans as the greatest of all time. Here are the top 25 greatest boxers of all time: 26 Honorable Mentions: Gene Tunney, Marvin Hagler, Julio Cesar Chavez, Manny Pacquiao & The Klitschko's Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports Malcolm Meredith has seen more than most when it comes to amateur boxing. Fritzie brought that streak to a juddering halt, snapping off five of the last six rounds with an aggressive punching performance against a man that would spend the rest of his career boxing as a middleweight. With a record of 26 consecutive wins in world title fights, 23 wins in lineal title fights, 24 wins against former or current world titlists, and two wins against International Boxing Hall of Fame inductees, Mayweather Jr. is unquestionably one of the greatest boxers in the history of the sport. At ninety you are tearing your hair out. In fact, there is no need to imagine it – some of them did. Foreman is ranked in line with his resume which is inferior to Frazier’s, and the other fighters you mention. Whilst Fitzsimmons was old, he had beaten O’Brien himself in 1904 and the excellent George Gardner in 1903, and was still regarded as a scalp. He was not the second or the third. The Greatest was not only one of the best heavyweights of all time, he was also one of the most colorful. In stopping the aged Fitzsimmons (then 44), O’Brien became the recognized light-heavyweight champion of the world and took a tilt at claiming the heavyweight title too, a claim that was heralded in some corners such was the confusion caused by the retirement of Jim Jeffries. Add Comment. Mike Tyson, 50-6-0-2 Fuji, an alpha-dog who embraced machismo in boxing as much as any great Mexican you care to mention had been utterly befuddled. I am going to say Muhammad Ali and Joe Louis at the top of the 100 best. best of all time….modern..Sugar Ray Robinson Most publications have Armstrong ranked in the top-five greatest boxers of all-time, and many of them have him ranked as one of the top two or three. He unquestionably dominated a deep South American scene between 1958 and 1968 posting just two losses in those ten years and there is absolutely no doubting his 1968 domination of the ultra-aggressive and heavily favored Takeshi Fuji in his December light-welterweight title tilt. Argentinian Nicolino Locche is often hailed as one of the finest defensive boxers of all time. But I’m encouraged that they’re not in the bottom 10. British boxer Ted “Kid” Lewis was a two-time World Welterweight Championship titleholder and is widely regarded as one of the greatest boxers in history. He won the world featherweight championship in February 1928 when he was just 19 years old. 92. Foreman coming back 10 years later at 37 years old and nearly 300lbs and securing a title shot with Holyfield a scant 5 years later was at the age of 42 was a miracle. Also I suspect that the death of Duk Koo Kim in ‘82 with his fight with Ray Mancini might have had an impact on parents of children at the time, include also some of the shenanigans at the ‘88 Olympics with boxing, which may have had a further negative impact on how they viewed boxing. Robinson became the first boxer to win a divisional world championship five times and was named “fighter of the year” in 1942 and 1951. I mean if Oliver McCall and Rahman could knockout Lewis, it sure wouldn’t be hard to visualize even the “old” Foreman doing the same. What these two proved between them was that you had to all but kill Frazier to beat him. I reject that abysmally low assessment—respectfully, but categorically. He beat more Ring ranked contenders at heavyweight than anyone aside from Joe Louis and Muhammad Ali. Such was his display that some papers, including The New York Sun, had O’Brien shading the reigning heavyweight champion but the overall picture is a mixed one. That gives you a base of 80 fighters. The 100 greatest amateur boxers of all time. Like all displays of arrogance in the ring, it is only arrogance if you don’t deliver and Toney did, stopping a newly befuddled Nunn in the eleventh round to lift the strap. At the age of 74, the best heavyweights of all time died in 2016. I’m not saying, mind, that he should be among the top 10 pound-for-pounders, but I would have him somewhere between #40 and #50. When Jimmy Young outboxed him to a twelve-round decision in 1974, the verdict was well and truly in. It looks like no other knockout that I have seen aside from one of the most celebrated of all time, the one Charles would suffer at the hands of Jersey Joe Walcott years later. I think I’m not revealing too much in saying that neither Klitschko brother makes it. Greb became a light heavyweight champion and world middleweight champion, and he won 100 of his 104 bouts by knockout. 100 Greatest Fighters of All Time Part Two: 90-81 When he retired from the ring in 1987, his record stood at 35-1. His near domination of the best bantamweight division until at least the 1960s, and perhaps beyond, is reason enough. But who, really, is the greatest? O’Brien’s record, then, is to be respected. He was denied many World Championship fights, due to the color bar and because Jack Johnson refused to fight him. There was speculation he would rule twenty years. He only lost one fight in his career, against middleweight legend Harry Greb. Hearns was named Fighter of the Year by multiple publications in 1980 and 1984. There is no boxing season in the sense that there is a football season or a baseball season. The Hall of Fame boxer became the first African-American World Boxing Champion of the 20th century. In fact, the fighter’s popularity led to some cameo appearances in some Mexican movies. As late as 1907, Sullivan was still being listed amongst the very best fighters on the planet, but 1903 through 1905, he couldn’t beat O’Brien in four tries, going 0-1-3. He also holds victories over Jimmy McLarnin and Kid Chocolate. In a fight he was widely expected to lose he bounced world champion Joe Frazier around the ring like the heel turn in a Rocky movie. Lewis has not inspired the fans in the same way that Joe Frazier and George Foreman have, but he has terrified the opposition. The boxer transcended the sport he played in, becoming part of the culture and a major figure in the history of racism in the United States. He beat a huge array of fighters and styles and is the most dominant heavyweight champion since Joe Louis. And I grant that it is an impossible task, but a noble risk putting your neck out on the line. Battle of New Orleans…..or…??? In his most notable fight, Johnson dominated James. But who, really, is the greatest? It is in ten parts—ten fighters to a part—published by in ascending order from number 100 to number 1. Joe Louis. 93. best boxers of all time matt. jesus matt. Ross’ most memorable fight came in a bout against Henry Armstrong, in which Ross attempted to defend his World Welterweight Championship. Chavez was known for his heavy hands and fierce fighting style. Foreman defended his title twice before his first professional loss, which came to Muhammad Ali at “The Rumble in the Jungle” in 1974. It was an impressive result and the Johnson draw was perhaps even more so. There was nothing depressing about this. These Are The Twenty Five Best Hitters In MLB History. One of the American boxer’s most memorable victories came in 1930, when he knocked out Al Singler to win the lightweight championship in 1930. Have I ever seen Percy Bassett fight? His pre-title run taken in tandem with his championship years makes for an incredible period of dominance and in a heavyweight would have seen him lauded and feted beyond measure. As well as enjoying a reputation as an accurate puncher, Herman was credited for years as the best body puncher and infighter that the bantamweight division has ever produced. 2) Was there a reasonable distribution regarding era? For all that Marciano is the pressure fighting juggernaut that ranks highest upon this list—you’ll have to wait to see where—it was Frazier who executed the definitive pressure-fighting performances at the weight. I would never make a list like this. But let's keep our punches above the belt... 100 Greatest Fighters of All Time Part One: 100-91, 100 Greatest Fighters of All Time Part Two: 90-81, 100 Greatest Fighters of All Time Part Three: 80-71, 100 Greatest Fighters of All Time Part Four: 70-61, 100 Greatest Fighters of All Time Part Five: 60-51, 100 Greatest Fighters of All Time Part Six: 50-41, 100 Greatest Fighters of All Time Part Seven: 40-31, 100 Greatest Fighters of All Time Part Eight: 30-21, 100 Greatest Fighters of All Time Part Nine: 20-11, 100 Greatest Fighters of All Time Part Ten: 10-1, Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo (aka) Gimpel, Lawrenceville, Pennsylvania, United States. Impressively, the boxer held those three titles when there were only eight recognized divisions at the time. 6) Did Hall of Fame induction bias my selections? And I grant that it is an impossible task, but a … One of the most legendary Mexican fighters of all-time, Julio Cesar Chavez began his career by winning his first 87 professional fights. In fights where decisions were to be rendered in the eventuality that nobody scored the knockout, he lost just eight times. If you decide to come along for the ride I can promise you two things—one, you aren’t going to agree with everything I say, and two, you aren’t going to agree with everything I say. Wow, Foreman not ony gets “dissed” by being ranked number 100, but he’s also ranked behind fellow heavyweights Lennox Lewis and Joe Frazier. Ten of those defeats came as he wound down his career over shorter distances in the US having lost his British title to Jimmy Walsh in 1936 (a bizarre trip to the Caribbean to win the Bermuda Welterweight title aside). He retired in 1977 with a reputation as one of heavyweight’s more devastating punchers, arguably an all-time great but without the years at the top or title defenses to prove it. 50 Greatest Boxers of All Time. Riddick “Big Daddy” Bowe (42-1-0-1)1. That is what boxing is, precisely. When these two schools of thought clash it’s rarely pretty. Zivic beat him out of sight, LaMotta getting as few as two of the fifteen rounds on some cards. Heavyweight Ring career: 1947-56 Record: 49-0 (43 KOs) Career notes: Only undefeated heavyweight world champion in history and one of the most popular and iconic American athletes of all time … All of this is covered in the body of the article. When he eventually lost the title in a battle with Gene Tunney, it was in front of the largest paid attendance in the history of boxing. Though he began his career around 140 pounds, the boxer would frequently match up against light heavyweights and even heavyweights. Tyson holds the record as the youngest heavyweight champion ever. He had a major impact in integrating the game of golf, becoming the first African-American to play a PGA Tour event. Although Jimmy Young couldn’t break an egg with his best punch, he was a very skillful fighter and would beat Ron Lyle twice, draw with power punching Earnie Shavers, and lose disputed decisions to Ken Norton and Ali. I’m a big Larry Holmes fan…and he put lotsa meat in seats in his time(probably got sweet fk all for it ...but he was on Saturday night defend his crown ....time and time again)  Best named HW…..‘Big Cat’.... tuffest fkr during my time….George Chuvalo Second and third are Fritzie’s wins over two fighters that were among the black murderer’s row of welter and middleweights that populated the era, ducked almost universally by the white contenders and champions of that time. The only undefeated heavyweight world champion in history, Rocky Marciano is massively popular due to his punching power and relentless passion for fighting. Saddler is also known for being an uncle to the famed DJ Grandmaster Flash. If they’re not there, they’re unlikely to be anywhere…nor should they be. Toss in such notables as Joe Choynski, Tommy West, Jack Blackburn, heavyweights Al Kaufman and Jim Flynn, Young Peter Jackson, Hugo Kelly and a (legitimate) six-round win over future heavyweight champion Tommy Burns and you have a fighter who clearly belongs. He once fought three times in a single night. Also, where Frazier is concerned, he went 1-4 versus fellow ATG’s and men who appear on this list. The world heavyweight champion from 1937 to 1949, Joe Louis is one of the greatest heavyweight boxers of all-time. Sadly, a scarcity of footage makes this impossible to verify, but we don’t have to verify it to rank him highly. O’Brien met both of them over the six-round distance, fighting a disputed draw with Ryan and beating Walcott. The film frame showing above seems to belie Nicolino’s reputation of being intocable! [Breathing a Klitschko-sized sigh of relief]. His 1966 draw with the great Carlos Ortiz, almost certainly an illegitimate result, does call some aspects of his career, those fourteen draws paramount among them, into question. Edwin Valero – 27-0-0 Matt’s synopsis of Lewis in his first paragraph is fair..true and without bias, I could never have been so un opinionated. He’s one of the most significant and celebrated sports figures in American history, and most publications rank him as the greatest heavyweight boxer of all-time. Two years later they met again and again Chocolate was beaten, this time over the longer distance of fifteen rounds. This was a smaller, older, past-prime welterweight taking on one of the strongest middles in history, ceding every single conceivable style advantage in existence and giving him nightmares. He was outclassed. on the picture of this Post…......Joe Frazier vs Muhammid Ali…..for the HW TITLE OF THE WORLD…. A victim of racism for most of his career, Archie Moore didn’t get a shot at his first world title until he’d fought 168 times and turned 39 years old. In boxing there are just the fights being fought today and the fights being fought tomorrow. The first fight was close—Zivic had to knock Armstrong onto his ass in the last round to take the decision. raymac 01:27am, 03/25/2013. One of the smallest yet most destructive fighters ever, Jimmy Wilde was the first world flyweight champion in the history of boxing. I don’t think listing Foreman in the 100 greatest boxers in history “disses” him at all. He was also the only fighter to ever defeat future heavyweight champion Gene Tunney. Berg was no craftsman, he was nothing like The Cuban Bon-Bon’s equal in that regard, any more than he was the equal of the great Tony Canzoneri but he, too, was bested, absorbing what the New York Times called the worst beating of his career. Although he had to deal with racism, he became one of the greatest boxers of his time. In a sporting culture obsessed with technique we hear a great deal about the rule-breakers who seemingly bend space and time to their very will, but even amongst the Alis and the Peps of the sport, Locche is King Maverick. Foreman was vulnerable to thinking boxers—and he had stamina issues. Argued with characteristic cogency, Matt. 100 Greatest Fighters of All Time Part Four: 70-61 Matt McGrain: The 100 Greatest Fighters of All Time and The Case For Ezzard Charles. Get your 14 day free trial > Floyd Mayweather has been crowned the greatest boxer of all time. I disagree with Foreman being below Frazier, which should be obvious why, however, while I have Lewis in my personal heavyweight ranking ahead of Foreman and Frazier, I don’t have a problem that Frazier is listed ahead of Lewis, and this has to do with the weight difference between the two. 91. This extraordinary feat of his came in November, 1986, when he, 20 years and four months, knocked out Trevor Berbick in the second round. If Langford had a chance to compete for a title, his career likely would’ve been even more impressive. It’s been centuries since boxing got recognition as a sport and produced some of the greatest boxers in history. Pep was the first featherweight champion in the world and has been the finest boxer of his time. we have to mention Lewis…and he was. We want some salty language and good-natured exchanges. James Toney was and remains one of the more compelling characters in boxing, a comic-book anti-hero with just enough moments of real danger tossed in to what has been a tumultuous career to prevent his becoming a caricature of himself. The title all but had his name on by now, and after dropping a six-round newspaper decision to one Lew Tendler, he hit his stride, finally bowling the champion over twice on his way to a twenty-round decision in January of 1917. The Top Twelve Pernell Whitaker: Best Of A Decade. I still say Hagler beat leonard.. The jewel in his crown is unquestionably the twin wins over Henry Armstrong. It’s a tantalizing thought, an itch that you can’t scratch without hurting yourself and, take it from me, it’s best left if you can leave it. He also held the undisputed and lineal lightweight titles, as well as the lineal welterweight title. Instead “The Korean Hawk” opened up the face of future light-flyweight strapholder and countryman, Jong-Kwan Chung, stopping him in six, and then knocked down and outpointed former linear world champion, Amado Ursua. Old time historians Charley Rose and Nat Fleischer ranked him at #3 and #2 all time in his division respectively, and whilst the names of his victims, men like Zulu Kid, Johnny Solzberg and Frankie Mason may have faded with the passage of time, Herman’s has not: that is what it means to be great. The Top Twelve Top 12 Reasons Why Muhammad Ali Is The Greatest. On paper, Locche’s gaining over-but-under status is even more impressive in that two of those losses—the rematch with Antonio Cervantes and his failed title defense against Alfonso Frazier—came in title matches past his prime rather than in a terrible trudge through journeyman mire, the way great careers fought by men in search of money so often end up. I ‘m not sure who wrote it first….think it was a scribe outta Chicago…... He was one of the most popular champions of all-time. It is a pound-for-pound list. At one time that country had many contenders and champions. In fact, three of his six total titles came after a two-and-a-half-year retirement. After he won the World Welterweight Championship in 1938, Armstrong defended his title a record 18 times before eventually dropping it in 1940. To avoid facing charges under the racist Mann Act, he lived and fought in Europe and South America. Haaaaaaaaaaaa! Over the next five years, he successfully defended his title an astonishing sixteen times. Approx Reading Time: 23 minutes . ‘The Pride of Wales’ is also ranked as the second greatest super-middleweight category boxer of all time, having managed to add names such as Bernard Hopking, Chris Eubank, and Roy Jones Jr. on his list of defeated opponents. The Hall of Fame boxer was voted as the top featherweight boxer of the 20th Century by the Associated Press, and many consider him to be the best featherweight of all-time. In the 1971 Fight of the Century, in spite of high blood pressure, in spite of deteriorating eyesight, Joe Frazier turned in arguably the best performance ever filmed at the weight. Among those he beat are some huge names: Wilfred Benitez, Tommy Hearns, Marvin Hagler, and Roberto Duran. His good showing earned him a title shot against Williams and the two boxed a desperately close twenty-round fight just before his twentieth birthday, which was ruled a draw. man punched a 248 lb. He fought an additional 52 bouts after becoming champion and lost just four of them. Still…Matt….I could never have put together a better article….It was well written…and lots and lots of evidence ..facts . If they were in the same ring today, it would be like a middleweight fighting a jr. welterweight, and I think both Foreman and Frazier respectively are better pound for pound. Gird your loins Matt, buckle up, call Chavez for some pot, mellow out , and get ready. I think that the democracy that came after the ‘88 Olympics, and more opportunities for other sports, and other walks of life contributed to the change. The first man to ever defeat Sugar Ray Leonard, Duran was known for his versatility, technique, and ability to create pressure in a fight. It is a long way to #1. Finding consistently against him would leave him languishing just outside. Herman compiled a record of 7-3-2 against these men, clearly distinguishing him as the best of them. But it was the four-fight series with Jack Sullivan that really underpins his resume. But hopefully we can have fun whilst we disagree. Jack Johnson was the first African American heavyweight champion and opened the way for other African American boxers. Muhammad Ali. You have started World War Three. Leonard was 1 of the most versatile boxers the game has ever seen, from he speed, his ring generalship&toughness.

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