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Shooting on steel and using a silencer was particularly fun, as there’s so much time before the faint “ping” sound comes back to the shooter. My articles usually publish well after I’ve turned the guns back in, but I’m still holding on to this one, and still shooting it. That’s a shame, as it’s the round that I use most often, and has proven to be absolute doom on our grain-thieving raccoons. By the guidance we have received from Lapua who has tested hundreds of Vudoos and other rifles, your rifle shoots well. Without a Paddle 2004 |95 mins After their friend Billy (Anthony Starr) dies, Tom (Dax Shepard), Jerry (Matthew Lillard) and Dan (Seth Green) go on a camping trip to honor his memory. The Sinister is a precision rimfire rifle. Most people who claim to have a “.x MOA” gun shot several groups one of which measured close to that, then they rounded down and declared the gun to be that accurate “when they do their part” or some other nonsense. Because of the short amount of travel, it’s difficult to move slowly enough to find any wiggle or play in the bolt. Honestly, I would love to own one of each of the afore mentioned brands. Movie Summary EDIT. When all was said and done I chose the Vudoo because I found fewer complaints of various reliability issues than all the others. Spanking has added so much joy to my sex-life and I hope it can add some sauciness to yours too. The standard deviation of the muzzle velocity of that CCI “Standard Velocity” round was 10 fps. Or maybe it’s just the simple fact that there is no wiggle or play in the bolt. The patent pending magazines from Vudoo Gun Works are built as an AI-style modified magazine. Although I already liked the Sinister, this is where I became completely smitten with this little rifle. Producing a highly accurate .22lr bolt action weighing 12 lbs in 2020 is . Find out where Without a Paddle is streaming, if Without a Paddle is on Netflix, and get news and updates, on Decider. Too boring so I loosened the sights to give me enough wobble to bring it up to sub MOA. Built to sit in the footprint of an action it outshines in every possible way, all of the Vudoo Gun Works barreled actions and rifles are extremely customizable, both before and after purchase. The .22 LR allows you to practice everything, including the drop and windage of centerfire cartridges at longer distances. As a poor man I have lusted after a high end 22lr for a while now. My priorities are: #1 – reliability/durability, #2 – accuracy, #3 – light weight. The list of disclaimers is longer than this article. Double points for a hill country grandmother recipe. Toyota cars have no passion, and for a car that is an unforgivable sin. I love shooting SV .22 ammo out of an 18″ barrel. Vudoo Gun Works Coyote Ugly (2000) > Directed by: David McNally > Starring: Piper Perabo, Adam Garcia, John Goodman > Rotten Tomatoes critics rating: 3.9/10 > Available on: Apple iTunes, Vudu… After their friend dies, three men decide to fulfill their childhood dream by going on a camping expedition for the lost D. B. Cooper bounty, with calamitous results. The Lapua test facilities measure group size in an outside to outside fashion. VODOO SENT ME THREE ONE WORKED AND TWO DID NOT FEED. In industry terms 1 MOA typically refers to a 1″ group at 100 yards measuring the bullet strikes center to center. Or off nothing at all. You’ll find a threaded muzzle at the end of the hand-lapped, single-point cut 416 stainless steel barrel. Zach and Ben have been best buddies since they were in grade school. The BEST it did was 4 groups that averaged .857″ with Center X. I had a great time shooting from the kneel or seated, with the rifle rested on tree branches, or my pack, or a stump. DO NOT TRUST THEM THEY JUST WANT TO SELL PRODUCT AND DEAL WITH IT LATER. You probably don’t even own a gun. I have had more fun at those than I do at the big gun matches. Look at the bolt handle. Vanessa de Largie is a multi-award-winning actress & author. Absolutely the finest firearm I own both fit and finish and accuracy! Either way, my customers are people who can read, or will read, apparently not you. It feels like my competition gun (which has also been my primary hunting rifle over this last season). WELL ONE MAG WOULD FEE AND THE SECOND WOULD NOT FEED, I HEARD ABOUT THE PROBLEM AND VODOO TOLD ME THAT THEY FIXED THE PROBLEM THEY HAVE NOT. Great write up! The more commonly seen option of a paddle release is attached to the far side of the trigger guard. I’ve asked for an interview with the engineer, Mr. Bush, for a follow-on article. I got my money’s worth. You can change the stocks! Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation (Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy), Ant-Man and the Wasp (4K Ultra HD + Blu-ray), Electrode, App-article-app, Comp-1038651570, DC-prod-az-westus-14, ENV-prod-a, PROF-PROD, VER-7.8.1, SHA-26d6c19b3009fb758a297831df7ffea32e07fc84, CID-, slide 2 of 5, The 5.56 NATO Mk262 cartridge will have about 34″ of drop and about 17″ of windage, again, at 400 yards. For most folks, it will feel just like their precision hunting rifle, because it is just like their precision hunting rifle. Do I even need hearing protection? I’m just not ready to stop shooting the Vudoo Gun Work’s Sinister. Watch Without A Paddle Online: Watch full length episodes, video clips, highlights and more. Although it doesn’t slide far, the bolt absolutely glides into place. This one has been customized a bit for Vudoo, but the Terrain is a smart stock choice for the rifle. Could you take ten of the same rifle of the rack at the store and get the same accuracy? The answer is always “no”. I enjoy shooting competitively, but that’s not most of my shooting. For those in the know, who makes an accurate .22LR rifle in the $500 and under range? I’ll bet you could have shrunk those groups in half with better ammo. The M118LR 7.62 NATO caliber cartridge will have about 34″ of drop and about 15″ of windage, when shot at a 400 yards target. Will they find her? That’s actually more important on an easily thrown, low mass case like a .22 LR round than it is something more massive, like the 8mm Mauser. Will they even get back alive? Savage .22s will fill that under $1k void better than most. Try some SK Long Range, the group of guys I shoot 22 matches with have all had great success running this in their Vudoos. Like a 5 shot group with 2 holes touching and 8 called fliers or similar levels of nonsense, or you shot a bunch of groups and only one made your stated accuracy claim, or used 3 shot groups, etc. ©COPYRIGHT 2020, THETRUTHABOUTGUNS.COM ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Happy Spanking! Jason the M&P is a 2 1/2 MOA rifle. As you might expect, during that entire time, I’ve had zero issues with the rifle. They take a canoe upriver and everything that can go wrong, does. You’ll find the cheek rises up, but again, isn’t particularly wide. But still, the very notion of hitting a rabbit in the head at 150 yards, consistently and quietly, is a lot of fun. Please also keep in mind that Lapua tests at 50 meters and 100 meters, not yards. And I’ve already told them to invoice me. History. With Matthew Lillard, Seth Green, Dax Shepard, Matthew Price. The trigger on this particular T&E model broke at…wait for it…2 lbs. I’ve never edited out a comment in my life, and I have no paid advertisers. But wait…it doesn’t matter. I’m blown away by those groups! "Without a Paddle: Nature's Calling" (2009) is a comedy/adventure about three old friends who venture into the Northwest wilderness to find a girl whom one of them fell in love with when they were kids. This wouldn’t be the first TTAG article with glaring errors and contradictions. Your rifle results show better lots at 50 meters grouping at 14.88, 14.96, 14.02, 14.42 and 13.88… All well below the 1 MOA threshold of 18.36mm. I own a vudoo Gun Works V-22 it would be the last firearm I part with out of all my guns. The fore end is flatter, and sits well on a bag, pack, or branch. InstaWatch is a VUDU service that automatically sends you the digital copy of qualifying DVDs or Blu-ray discs that you purchase at Walmart Stores and on Bob. My Uncle was responsible for that and God bless him for it. a GREAT shooting rifle, no. Not only can you choose your caliber, between .22 LR and .17 HM2, but also the finish, length, and contour of the barrel. Tubi offers streaming leaving soon! I’ve been a fan of the Grayboe stocks since they came out, and I have their Terrain on a couple of my hunting rifles now. Figuring out all of this on a rimfire is a lot harder than a modern centerfire, and I doubt most people get that it is. So it is no longer the case that custom guns rule the accuracy department and a lot of times you are getting crappier and cheaper quality machining. JasonM, Fools and their money…. Do you have some kind of reading disability? Everyone I know in NRL22 who uses one gets similar group sizes. This has not been my experience. Vudoo Gun Works Sinister rail (image courtesy JWT for I think the new CZ 457 should be on the list. I want one but it will likely be down the road. It took me a good 5+ years to build my 6.5 Gendel AR and afford a scope so low cost is key. I’m curios as to how many people on this forum actually own a voodoo and have had then tested. That’s because this is a precision hunting rifle, just one chambered in .22 LR. The CCI “Standard Velocity” shot .5-inch groups. Vudoo Gun Works Sinister worst groups (image courtesy JWT for The Vudoo Gun Works action features a true controlled-feed bolt. Pull the head on both a Honda and Toyota and see the incredible difference in precision the Honda holds. Buy / Rent. You are the joke and embarrassment. Shooting seated on my pack with the rifle rested on a cedar tree branch, this photo above is my first group on a steel target at 175 yards. Also Cooper and doubtless more, but those are the two examples I have. The gun is a joke. (No threaded barrels? Inside the trigger guard you’ll find a button release. The rimmed cartridge is picked up by twin claws as they engage the shell from the magazine. Great article and review! Especially when hunting pigs at night, a suppressed .22 LR is great if I want to collect a few varmints along the way. They are dynamically (read handling) numb, inaccurate, and worst of all uninspiringly boring. Was wondering that too; is there a purpose other than to give it a centerfire look? This is calculated at .9231 to get a 100 yard measurement. An action that includes a controlled-round-feed and also allows for the massive aftermarket trigger (not to mention stock) options of the Remington 700 is the best of both worlds. Your rifle performs well within standards and we have plenty of customers and shop employees who would be very happy with the results. any chance you could spot me the money to get one of these? Finish: Cerakoted in Graphite Black, Mil Spec Green, FDE, Cobalt, Burnt Bronze, Sniper Gray, custom Vudoo Green I imagine it’s more stable than a slender 22 magazine. According to the Vudoo Gun Works website, the V-22 action was a labor of love by their chief engineer, Mike Bush. The Sinister sports a custom Grayboe Terrain stock. But that’s not the most important reason to have a controlled-round-feed action for your rimfire. No SHOT for me this year, but I look forward to interviewing you in the future. They shoot the rifle in a machine rest indoors at 100 meters. You can run the exact same chassis on your .22LR, swapping back and forth. Thanks for the fun review, not that I’m going to spend that kind of cash. In addition to the first class rifle, the customer service has also been first class. . St. George, UT There is no wobble, and the bullet is right in line with the bore from the moment the bolt gets ahold of it. For more boutique rimfires maybe the Bergara B14-R if it ever comes out, CZ 457 precision trainer, Lithgow LA 101, I don’t really know enough to recommend. I threw it away afterward. That’s a solid once-piece, integral bolt handle. MSRP: $2,395. Most only do it with hand loads, or only one or two specific factory loadings that the rifle shoots well. Trigger: Timney 510 preset at 2 lbs Go run your own blog where you can pontificate all day long. Jim, this is the response you received via email. The worst grouping I could get from this rifle was using the Winchester Copper coated 40gr HP bullet moving at 1,300fps. A 20 MOA base is the standard for most centerfire competition rifles, but might not give you the elevation you need for the ballistic arc of the .22 LR when shooting longer ranges. Without a doubt, this has been the most enjoyable rifle I’ve shot in quite a while. I can only HOPE I made the right guess. That round — the worst-performing one — shot .8-inch five-round groups at 100 yards. I drank the Kool-Aid, you have to decide if you want to also. Some of the pics look longer because the silencer is screwed on. Built on the AI footprint so the shooter can use the same action on any Remington 700 BDL stock without modification. Mine is just as accurate as that fancy big dollar shootin’ stick. Do you have some kind of reading disability? Barrel: 416R Stainless, single point cut with Vudoo chamber. The Terrain is a primarily hunting/sometimes competition model, as is the point of the Sinister rifle as a whole. Not so with the soft lead tips of many .22 LR bullets. They were those "two guys" that we all know, opposites, but still the same kid. Mine consistently gets 0.75″ groups at 100 yards with Center-X. Some platforms allow you to rent Without a Paddle for a limited time or purchase the movie and download it … There are so many inexpensive .22s that can punch these groups now when using the more expensive match .22 ammo. In the last ten years such progress has been made in average accuracy that I now say “only lightweight accurate rifles are interesting.” And that is rapidly evolving to include the modifier “self-loading.”. Only in the geologic sense is controlled-feed considered new. The Sequel. Just a fantastic action. You’ll have to sit through some ads, but it is still uncut, high-quality content at the best price of all. Must be something wrong with your M&P15-22. It’s on a tight, short, rail. It certainly has well over 1,000 rounds through it by now. In general, a 40gr, supersonic .22 LR round shot from a rifle-length barrel and zeroed at 100 yards will have about 35 inches of drop and about 16 inches of windage with a 10 MPH crosswind, when shot at a 200 yard target. It features a good, but not too wide palm swell, so that the gun can be still gripped and controlled off-hand. Now Playing on iOS & Android Now Playing on Android Now Playing on iOS Our biggest update yet, with a brand new design, plus enhancements and features to make your movie experience a mobile experience. P.S. Im a huge fan boy and have been begging Henry for a small game rifle in .17hm2. It’s available on-line, and if you want to get seriously competitive, I highly recommend you take advantage of Lapua’s Rimfire Test Shooting Service to know exactly how good your rifle can shoot a particular lot of ammo. Then switch to Winchester hyper HV. The Vudoo Gun Works Sinister rifle is perfectly reliable, infinitely practical, and extremely accurate. Create a new Vudu account: Sign In with Walmart: Sign In with Facebook Rentals start as low as $0.99, while purchases typically cost between $3.99 and $5.99. In this instance, the stock has been done well, but it is the quality, fit and finish of the receiver that bumps up the score a bit. Customization * * * * * Meanwhile I have yet to find a box of factory ammo that shoots worse than .75MOA in my custom including some of the cheapest stuff made for the caliber. sort of a waste of talent and effort. So many poors making comments. What a far cry from most factory centerfire rifles of the day. Likewise, we also make any movies or shows in the linked UltraViolet Library available to download or stream through your VUDU account. Director: Ellory Elkayem Released: 2009 Rating: PG-13. Materials and machining and rifling have become so precise in these large gunmakers that they can nearly match one of their highest grade production barrels and make 1000 of them all the same. It is as well made as the best centerfire precision rifles in the world. With VUDU you will be ready to play movies with the best quality possible. Lol… yeah 15 shot group with 5 that are kinda close together and 10 “called fliers”. Vudoo Gun Works Sinister best groups (image courtesy JWT for Vudoo Gun Works Sinister’s Grayboe stock (image courtesy JWT for Without a Paddle is available to watch and stream, buy on demand at Amazon, Vudu, Google Play, Microsoft Movies & TV, iTunes, YouTube VOD online. They run $40 for a single mag and $100 for a three-pack. We’ve reviewed your results that you sent in Friday as well as what you’ve sent in the other week. The Cooper and NULA rifles I have only read many reviews and comments on. Looking to watch Without a Paddle? As such, it is not cheap. I switched from a chassis gun to a more traditional stock for my competition-focused rifle in 2019. Weight: 8 lbs. Amen brother. The bolt removes from the rear of the action, like many precision rifles, with a press of the release on the side of the receiver. The only reason rimfire guns are less expensive is because they aren’t as robust and well built as their centerfire counterparts. The 10-round magazines aren’t cheap. “There are so many inexpensive .22s that can punch these groups now when using the more expensive match .22 ammo.” It’s easy to practice all the same things that I need for my centerfire rifle, but more quietly and very inexpensively using the Sinister rimfire. I mean, kinda? As I said when I started the article, I have been shooting this gun for a bit now. I’m sad to say it and I bought it primarily because of reviews like yours but MINE is mediocre. Brilliant! They take a canoe upriver and everything that can go wrong, does. For budget rimfires, Ruger American Rimfire Long Range Target, Tikka T1x , CZ 457 provarmit. Here’s a quick overview of VUDU’s video streaming services, including InstaWatch, a new streaming stick called VUDU Spark, and UltraViolet. Carry on with yourself, because you’ve lost everyone else. Heck, if you paid that much for a centerfire rifle of this quality, it would likely be second hand, and you’d have gotten a good deal. The bolt handle is threaded and includes a large, easy-to-find and easy-to-manipulate bolt knob. or just one lot of one very specific type of ammo? Sounds like a great rifle; but what’s up with that magazine? Unfortunately, shooting is often work, but for this rifle, I have to thank TTAG and Vudoo Gun Works for the opportunity of getting behind this superb gun. Shoot me an email ([email protected]) and we can work out the details when you’re ready. For much of the last decade, I’ve shot a suppressed M&P 15-22 .22 LR rifle almost every day, just for general fun and target practice. Barrel Length:16”, 18” or 20” in Kukri or Specter contour Savage and Anshutz make left handed 22LR but not one that would fit in a chassis. Honda, its main rival is vastly superior. And I thought my Volquartzen was good….

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