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lovable dumb characters

With great enthusiasm he says, “I call it that ‘cause if you take a shower and you touch the wire, you DIE!” An item on his bucket list is to remake the Shaquille O’Neal genie movie Kazaam and “get it right.” He wants to represent Germany in a mock U.N. because, he reasons, they’ve never been the bad guys. He was madly in love with the “that’s what she said” trope, and even used it in front of his own bosses. This despite drafting Canadian Football League players and kickers, who would yield few, if any, points. On Silicon Valley, for instance, the amiable Big Head—who can’t help failing upwards—gets increasingly appealing as protagonist Richard’s integrity slowly melts away. Get paid for your art. Stumpy, the dumbest character on the show, started out as one of these, but eventually Took a … The last, Teri, was a smart nurse, so she has no place here. save. Take, for instance, the time he tried to scare his employees straight by acting like a hardened prison inmate, calling his underlings “beyotch” and warning Ryan not to “drop the soap.” Early in the series, he hosted a highly offensive “Diversity Day,” ultimately getting him slapped in the face. Will be used in accordance with our Privacy Policy. He doesn’t "get" air quotes. A stock character is a dramatic or literary character representing a generic type in a conventional, simplified manner and recurring in many fictional works. Of his dreams of post-secondary education, Troy once dimly boasted, “I was gonna be the first person in my family to graduate from community college. Nothing goes right for him. This subcategory is dedicated to the airheads of fiction, the ones that go from lovable to enjoyable to watch. 2 days 23 hours left. Other times she got it in a way that only she could understand. To revisit this article, select My⁠ ⁠Account, then View saved stories. Discussion. In Their Own Universe. But he fails constantly at both. See, for instance, Will Humphries on the BBC comedy W1A, the dumbest person of all on a show about dimwitted media types. Focusing exclusively on his stupidity surrounding fire can nicely illustrate that. 17 comments. Dumb but Lovable. That's one reason why in Water 7 I hated that Luffy just couldn't say how he felt during that whole thing. Rowan Atkinson, the star and co-writer of the British series Mr. Bean, described the titular character as “a child in a grown man’s body.” We’d expand on that to describe the child as super slow-witted. Here, you had a cranky dad, a dysfunctional marriage, a son who was smart but useless with girls, and a teenage daughter, Kelly (Christina Applegate), who got by on her looks because there was nothing going on upstairs. Dumb side characters don’t necessarily have to play the foil; sometimes their presence simply accentuates the ineptitude of the people around them. Meanwhile, despite his lack of any kind of real intelligence, Butt-Head occasionally showed some kind of awareness of the world and wit, like when he said of the band KISS, “You know, these guys are pretty cool for a bunch of mimes.”. a shoutout to my friend angryelmo1. Log … We all know one of those, and Michael Scott (Steve Carell) is perhaps the ultimate TV personification of them. In the first season of Parks and Recreation, Andy Dwyer (Chris Pratt) is just kind of a lazy rock-star wannabe, but in subsequent seasons he was elevated to full-on ditz mode. George Oscar Bluth, aka Gob, played to perfection by Will Arnett, on the other hand, is just plain 11 donuts short of a dozen. What other moronic things has he done? Lovable dumb characters I've seen and hope for secretly: - Yoshi's island stork - Seedot - Abraham Lincoln - The evil of gator of DK Fame - Chrom still - Single Ice Climber @mostcontrovertialpicks . Ultimately, this forces him to continue his education at the most pathetic institute of learning in America, Greendale Community College. "One man alone can be pretty dumb sometimes, but for real bona fide stupidity, there ain' nothin' can beat teamwork." 4 Comments. These are people inherently immune from the human burden of depth. Lovable idiots have been a sitcom staple since the beginning of television. To illustrate their shared lack of brains, it’s revealed that Woody and Coach were pen pals – not in the usual sense, but as two people who sent pens to each other in the mail. This is a guy who once embarked on a mission to rescue a chicken he’d just met and named “Becca,” not realizing she was simply squawking. For me, pretty much the majority of the cast from Gintama, Saiki K, and Gekkan Shoujo. But let’s just rhyme of a few, shall we: he got his head stuck in a drawbridge, he’s narrowly avoided nuclear meltdowns at his power plant job countless times (thanks to dumb luck), nearly doomed a space shuttle mission and got both arms stuck in two vending machines. report. They’re so stupid that in one episode, the ninth graders are forced to return to kindergarten. Most if not all of the characters from all three shows are hilarious particularly Yamazaki, Kaidou, and Mikoshiba. The characters on Showtime's long-running dramedy truly live up to the show's title, ... he’s lovable and clueless, ... he is too dumb and full of adolescent bravado to feel any shame. One of the cutest characters on the show as well as ranking number one in terms of lovable ghosts in high five ghost. Poll. 23 Favourites. Trailer about the one and only David Hall,. Of the presidents?”. Biden campaign hurries to adjust to new uncertainty And then there are characters that make the show we love almost unbearable to watch. Develop the character as much as you would a character that's not supposed to be dumb. The first was Chrissy Snow (Suzanne Somers), who was the quintessential lovable ditzy blonde. Dumb side characters don’t necessarily have to play the foil; sometimes their presence simply accentuates the ineptitude of the people around them. He’s so monumentally moronic that it would take all day to list every stupid thing he’s ever done. Comment. share. Characters don’t have to be likable to be lovable Talking about “likability” in fiction ignores what the greatest literature does. When Three’s Company started, there were three roommates, a blonde, a brunette and a guy, just as it was when it ended. Fox had a hit with Kelly Bundy and they had another with her male counterpart, Michael Kelso, on That '70s Show, the role that put Ashton Kutcher on the map. The lovable idiot isn’t necessarily shallow, and the character’s story can be quite profound. save. So, in the race for most idiotic for this list, it comes down to Gob and Buster. 10 Best Romantic K-Dramas With Fantasy Elements, Star Wars: 10 Of The Empires Deadliest Moffs, Ranked, How I Met Your Mother: 10 Worst Times A Character Was Slut-Shamed (Ranked Least To Most Offensive), HGTV: 10 Throwback Decorating Shows You Forgot You Loved, 10 Widely Hated Series Finales That Should Be Re-evaluated, Indiana Jones 5: Why Some Fans Are Skeptical (& 5 Reasons To Be Excited Instead), 10 Things That Don't Make Sense About The Star Trek Mirror Universe, Pixar’s Soul: Every Main Character, Ranked By Likability, SNL's Best 10 Black Cast Members Ever, Ranked, WandaVision: 5 Things We Learned From The Latest Trailer (& 5 Questions We Still Have), Top 10 Biopics Of 2020, Ranked According To IMDb, Disney: Ranking Top 10 Animated Kiss Scenes, From Worst To Best, Blazing Saddles & 9 Other Hilarious Mel Brooks Movies, Supernatural: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Meg. - Edward Abbey. She is the personification of a pure, young maiden. There’s the likely no-longer PC line, “If Homo sapiens were in fact ‘homo’ sapiens, is that why they’re extinct?” He calls his Adam’s apple his Joey’s apple. Ten years after Homer Simpson set the standard for animated patriarchal stupidity on The Simpsons, along came Peter Griffin and Family Guy to try to out-dumb him. Bananaman is the Super-Powered Alter Ego of schoolboy Eric Wimp. Such is the case for SpongeBob Squarepants, whose friend Patrick is dumber than a box of hair. From the awards race to the box office, with everything in between: get the entertainment industry's must-read newsletter. Update: This post has been amended to include Jason Mendoza; while this story never claimed to be an exhaustive list, Vanity Fair gravely regrets the error of his initial omission. Favorite dumb but lovable character. Sure, maybe—but why would you want to? On The Office, he’s the regional manager of a branch of a paper company, who wants desperately to be everybody’s best friend while at the same time being the consummate leader. This is because Rose is played by American gem Betty White, but also because Rose has some of the show's best one-liners. Her stupidity often took the form of clumsiness, too often resulting in bumps and bruises for Jack. And then there’s one of his funnier stupid lines, when Ross says he wants to talk to Joey about something uncomfortable, Joey replies, “How about, uh, you showering with your mom?”. another exception is flossy da monkey, something hilarious or anything u think people will like and anything that has something to do with partying! They usually hover on the sidelines; their misbegotten adventures can be dismissed as distractions from the main narrative. Looking for information on the manga Oshi no Ko? My Favorite (Poll) 1 vote. But he’s constantly doing things so insensitive and ill-advised that most real-life companies would fire or suspend him instantly. Sitcom characters are often one-dimensional, existing solely for viewers' amusement. It’s hard to overstate the importance of someone as pure as Todd in a series that centers on the callousness of Hollywood—and, indeed, almost everyone closest to Todd is exploiting his naïveté for their own purposes. That Will still has a job at the BBC emphasizes just how incompetent every facet of the company’s management is. Despite her stupidity, though, she could still come up with quick one-liners when it came to insulting her little brother Bud. Joined Jul 1, 2014 Messages 56,203 Location Somewhere out … It was just another crazy old guy.”. — Olivia Singh Ah, the idiot. The Dumb One. Sixteen-year-old Ai Hoshino is a talented and beautiful idol who is adored by her fans. He’s so dumb he doesn’t realize it’s healthy to wash your hands, he just does it because it feels good. 100% Upvoted. He somehow manages to muck up even the simplest tasks, like placing invitations in the correct pre-addressed envelopes, or writing down timestamps every time Jeremy Clarkson says the word “tosser” in Top Gear. I'd like to call her a nasty name, but I can't think of anything that rhymes with 'rich!'”. hide. Characters in horror movies are usually forced to make stupid decisions so that the plot can move in a certain direction, but the character’s stupidity is usually not justified, until now. For Charlie’s part, he eats cat food because he thinks it helps him fall asleep. This is a guy who opened a Halloween store that’s only open in January, to take advantage of what he saw as an “untapped market.” And yet, somehow, Todd always seems to do O.K. They are very similar characters: portly, beer-guzzling fathers who too often neglect their families in favor of their own insane pleasures and whacked-out ideas. Usually dumb characters are written because they comedic foils , limit the ability of the character or becuase we have hindsight as the viewer like in horror films. Star Wars: 5 Reasons To Be Excited For Andor (& 5 For The Acolyte), 17 Most Idiotic TV Characters Of All Time. And this quote is a pretty good illustration, too: “I'm really mad at her. Su Tang is a delicate package, incapable of anything, only able to act like a spoiled child. Oct 25, 2017 8,572. Courtesy of Netflix, by Alice S. Hall/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank/Getty Images, by Mike Ansell/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank/Getty Images. When lying to his girlfriend Jackie about how his shirt was in another girl’s laundry, Kelso claims it’s his friend Eric’s shirt. In his defense, he may be a good paper salesman. But now I know that for sure, which feels good.”, Sadly, dummies like Todd, Will, and Big Head do not always get their due. Joey (Matt LeBlanc) from Friends very much falls into the lovable doofus category. Veelk. On The League, Taco MacArthur (Jon Lajoie) is a stoner musician, who, like Kelso, gets by on his looks rather than brains to have great luck with the ladies. We all know one of those, and Michael Scott (Steve Carell) is perhaps the ultimate TV personification of them. What they lack in I.Q., they more than make up for in heart—and with a TV scene replete with dark, bloody dramas, that ought to count for something. But there were three different blondes. Though he can be enormously selfish most of the time, and he even (comically?) He can’t read or write – instead he uses childlike pictures, as in his dream book, which he labels “Dram Bok.” He mispronounces words, like “forknights” instead of “fortnights.” And he uses words incorrectly, like when he tries to emphasize a point by confidently saying, “I think I’ve made myself perfectly redundant.” And he thinks the twist in The Sixth Sense is that “the guy in the hairpiece was Bruce Willis the whole time.”. And one of his catchphrases, perfect for a character on this list, is “I’ve made a huge mistake.”. She's a classic trope, but she owns it. ... he would feel more like a Lovable Loser (as many characters do when we’re focused on them as the main character of a story). And for more on TV comedy history, check out the 30 Funniest SNL Skis Ever. AKQA creates a lovable, earnest character who can't get it right 'The Worst Player in the World' Finds Plenty of Dumb Ways to Die in New PUBG Campaign My Account Log Out Sign In Subscribe By mango3st Watch. This thread is archived. On the 90s sitcom Boy Meets World, Eric Matthews (Will Friedle) wasn’t always profoundly stupid, but he sure turned out that way. Of the four main characters on "The Golden Girls," Rose is arguably the standout. Then all we have to do is find the one they sold.” In another episode she asks someone, “So that island that you own… is it near the beach? He proceeds to pick Cory up, knock him into some candles, setting some curtains on fire. Commission. Here's a list of the most unlikable main characters … This is a man who once burned his foot on a George Foreman grill because, to make a long story short, he wanted to wake up to the smell of bacon, so he had it running on the floor of his bedroom. However, even animes with smart characters such as Midoriya and Conan are lovable, because they … He’s so dumb he thinks having sex in a Prius is good for the environment. 12 dumbest things Homer Simpson has ever done, Arrowverse: 10 Best Female Characters, Ranked By Hand-To-Hand Combat. They have no brain. When Cory is deciding who to name his best man, Eric claims he should get the honor because he’s bigger and stronger and can lift Cory up “for the traditional 'For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow' dance,” which, of course, is not actually a thing. That optimism and uncanny ability to rise above anything are irreplaceable ingredients—not just in BoJack, but in many other series as well. Let us know in the comments! Add to Favourites. In another episode, he absentmindedly throws a match and sets the house on fire. 3Karen Walker, Will & Grace (Megan Mullally) Karen makes the sassy friend feel original, and that's saying something. They're pretty much there to fart and fall down while the romantic leads worry about the important stuff, like who to make out with next. Nah man, those "this character is so lovable but he's stubborn and can't admit his faults guys" have some mad annoying traits lol. The innocent and lovable duo had aged into hugely unlikable characters and Dumb and Dumber To was largely panned. When he’s upset, his grammar reverts practically to caveman-speak, as in, “Still mad me, Michael?” He ignorantly and enthusiastically creates an offensive ventriloquism routine with a puppet that spews African American stereotypes. Trump at 'serious risk' of COVID-19 complications. 0 comments. Joey didn’t last, though, because Joey himself worked best as a counterbalance to the cynicism of characters like Ross and Chandler. He goes from a sex-obsessed kid to a guy who’s almost clueless on the subject. HOW MANY LIES HAVE I BEEN LIVING?!”. Like a child, he’s super excited by the smallest things. She's a hilarious character, but also has a lot of heart, as seen through her volunteering and other good deeds.

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