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chelan county fire restrictions

Outdoor burning is a complicated matter. In Chelan County Fire District #3, natural vegetation only and only when outdoor burning is allowed. Fire safety burn bans. Chelan County Fire Protection District 8 and Chelan Fire and Rescue responded to a report of an orchard burn that got out of containment around 11:58 hours today (05/22/2019). Parcel and name search tools are provided. Fires over 4 ft. x 4 ft. shall have a permit. Burning yard waste, such as leaves, grass, brush and other yard trimmings is allowed. Chelan County Fire Danger Restrictions. No outdoor fires except for recreational residential campfire burning in a campfire area installed in accordance with the Chelan County Fire Advisory Board. If you have an emergency or need to make a report, dial 9-1-1. Listed below are several links to explore, as well as an FAQ box for all your burning questions. Users should contact the Clerk of the Board’s office for ordinances passed subsequent to the ordinance cited above. Outdoor burning is not allowed within the urban growth boundary. On Thursday, Chelan County Public Works crews installed some 70 signs around the county indicating the extreme conditions. Volunteers operate as Resident firefighters, Reserve firefighters, and Support personnel. Click here for the latest outdoor burning status, Click here for approved fire pit definitions. To find out if you live in the UGA follow the link to our web map on the right. Refer to Chelan County Parcel Search if you need more specific parcel information, or if you’re situated on or across the Urban Growth Area boundary line. It is also burning to clear land of trees, stumps, shrubbery, or other natural vegetation. There are four levels of authority having jurisdiction over outdoor burning in our district: Federal, State, County and Local. Permits are available from the Chelan County Fire Marshal, Washington Department of Natural Resources, or the Washington Department of Ecology, depending on the size of the burn. Please allow the larger image time to load. Restriction levels that may be applied to a fire hazard area in Chelan County are: moderate, high, very high and extreme. For example, four houses per acre might be allowed in the Urban Growth Area, while only one house per five acres might be allowed outside the area. Additional restrictions go in place today. This includes land clearing, residential yard waste burning, and some fire training burns. The fire chiefs of upper valley Chelan County have agreed that under current county restrictions, campfires and cooking fires are permitted so long as they are small and within an approved-type fire pit which in part means the fire is contained within a fireproof ring less than 3 feet in diameter which extends all the way down into mineral soil. Signs are posted throughout the county with the restrictions. Urban Growth Area outdoor burning regulations are required by law as set by the Washington State Legislature. Burn Ban information October – May. Air quality conditions, and seasonal fire danger play a big role in outdoor burning. Skip to content. The restrictions are based on the level of fire danger that’s posted: moderate, high, very high or extreme. Area activity and road travel restrictions include: No motor vehicles off the road . Learn about Burn Bans and current restrictions by visiting these sites: - Burn Barrels Illegal in Washington State - Unlawful Outdoor Burning WAC - Chelan County Fire Hazard Designation - Chelan County Fireworks Resolution - Outdoor Fire Pit Information - USDA Campfire Information - … Grow no larger than three feet in diameter. [ en Español ] Resolution #2020-54 – Chelan County. No debris burning inside city and urban growth areas. That means restrictions have been put on travel and activities in that area. County road crew will be chip sealing on Chumstick Highway On July 6, Chelan County road crews will be chip sealing portions of Chumstick Highway. Level 2 travel restrictions: Restricted travel on County road; except for residents of the area and travel through the area to open public lands for legitimate purposes (“legitimate purposes” include recreation and hunting). While the State and Federal agencies are responsible for specific types of burn permits and restrictions, we are the organization called to put your fire out. If you live in an urban growth area you may not be allowed to have an outdoor fire at any time. Battalion 7 was the first unit to arrive in the area and report a working brush fire. Restricted outdoor fires . FIRE RESTRICTIONS IN EFFECT. You can tell if outdoor burning is allowed by checking here. You can also be held responsible for the cost of putting out the fire, which may be in the thousands of dollars. Our staff can direct you to the appropriate authority having jurisdiction over your burn whether big or small. The travel and activity restrictions, put in place by the Chelan County fire marshal, are the highest level of restrictions allowed by county code. BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED by the Board of Chelan County Commissioners that all unincorporated areas of Chelan County be designated a fire hazard area and that HIGH Travel and Activity Restrictions shall be enforced throughout all the unincorporated areas of Chelan County, including those unincorporated areas within a Chelan County Fire District. The travel and activity restrictions, put in place by the Chelan County fire marshal, are the highest level of restrictions allowed by county code. You will find that participation as a volunteer member of our organization will bring personal reward and satisfaction, raise self-esteem, and provide you with a tremendous sense of accomplishment and pride for a job well done. Colockum Fire in Chelan County 80% contained, level 3 evacuations have been lifted Evacuation levels for several roads near the Colockum fire have been lowered as of Sunday. The Bavarian Village in the heart of Washington State . Burning, from camp fires to agricultural burns can be conducted in a manner that minimizes risk to public health as well as setting ablaze any unintended "fuels." This page is not monitored on a 24/7 basis. Contact the City of Leavenworth for more information, 509.548.5275. In the Valley Fire Danger Rating Area, all campfires, including those in campgrounds are prohibited in Okanogan County. Fires are not allowed anywhere on the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest. Contact Us Chelan County Fire District 3 Posted By: Public Works on May 22, 2015 Resolution 2015-54 designates high fire danger area and restricts some fire-risk actions on County roads, beginning June 1, 2015. CHELAN COUNTY FIRE DISTRICT #3. Campfire Restrictions Expanded and Woodcutting Suspended. During wildfire season, county commissioners can designate an area in the county as a fire hazard area. For current burning restrictions in state jurisdiction (including campfires, and permit burns) please visit the Dept. Please be aware of your smoke when poor ventilation exists. Release Date: Aug 3, 2017 . 06-01-2020 Burn Ban information from Chelan County. A device made of rock, metal, concrete or any other noncombustible material and shall not be more than thirty-six inches in diameter and twenty-four inches high. Order your reflective address marker now, Hold community-wide or neighborhood clean-up days. Chelan County Fire District 3 is a combination Fire Department dedicated to protecting the city of Leavenworth, WA and the surrounding areas. 3/26/2020: Launch! Chelan County increases from low to moderate fire danger today. Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest officials say fire danger has risen after delay caused by wet, cool spring. This map is a web-based mapping system that ties directly to Chelan County’s existing Geographical Information System. The Bavarian Village in the heart of Washington State . 98826 • (509) 548-7711 • Chelan County Emergency Management, Wenatchee, WA. Fire must be extinguished by dusk. Wenatchee, WA — Due to worsening fire conditions and continued hot and dry weather, expanded campfire restrictions will go into effect on August 4. Click on the map for a larger image. You can tell if outdoor burning is allowed by checking here. The City of Leavenworth provides two opportunities to take advantage of curbside pickup: All waste must be bagged and bundled, nothing over 4 ft., and no metal. • Leavenworth, WA. One person must be at burn site at all times. 4/11/2020: Added home assessment heat map. 228 Chumstick Hwy. Knowing who, what, when, and where can leave anyone asking why? • Leavenworth, WA. The Chelan County Code is current through Resolution 2020-114, passed November 9, 2020. If you are unsure, call us before you burn. CHELAN COUNTY FIRE DISTRICT #3. Information released by Department of Natural Resources.

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